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I was a mid-30s career minded workaholic with a long-distance spouse (literally, on another continent). I dabbled in music, art, theatre and writing.

Now? I'm a cancer patient and a first-time homeowner. I still have a long-distance spouse, and I'm still a workaholic, but trying to channel some of that energy into things I was dabbling in before.

Facing your own mortality does wonders for smacking you upside the head with your own misplaced priorities.

I blog at www.uniquepov.blogspot.com and tweet as uniquepovblog. My blog has my more original works (including my poetry and photography) posted there - if you're interested.

On many of the fanfic archive sites (including Ashwinder, H&V, IATQO, Granger Enchanted, HPff, etc), I go by Lorcalon.

All of my posted writing is my own work; however, some of the characters and settings may be borrowed from various fandoms. Disclaimer: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good; but I promise to return everyone, good as new, when I'm done playing with them. I own nothing that you recognize, and I do not profit from anything borrowed.

I give blanket permission for podfic; however, I do ask that you let me know when/where you've posted. =)


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